Every Little Piece Counts

You may think
picking up
one piece of litter
not have
that much impact

It's just one piece, right?

But one piece. . .

. . . Can turn into a full trash bag soon enough.

And if we all
picked up
piece of trash. . .

. . .How much
could we
collect? Together?

Every Little Piece Counts

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A global initiative to remove litter, one piece at a time in celebration of World Cleanup Day 2020.

Beginning on World Cleanup Day, Saturday, September 19, thousands of volunteers from the Alliance, Alliance members, constituents, partners and individuals around the world, will rally to their communities to discover, identify, collect and dispose of litter they find. Leveraging the Alliance's global network, the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP expects to educate more than one million individuals about the importance of litter cleanup.

1 Days Until the ALL_TOGETHER

2,176 People Have collected 51,752 Pieces of litter

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United States, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, China, Columbia, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, Norway, Australia...and in your neighborhood.

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About the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

The Alliance is an international nonprofit organization partnering with government, environmental and economic development NGOs and communities around the world to address the challenge to end plastic waste in the environment.

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Cleaning Upfor Good

Waste collectors are critical to achieving circular economies and litter-free cities. Without them, we will be living in more polluted environments. The Alliance recognizes the important role they play and has chosen to highlight and encourage support from the participants of the ALL_TOGETHER GLOBAL CLEANUP to a collective of waste-collector charities. Join us in helping them through the COVID crisis.

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